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Take back your time, focus on the real work.

We handle all of your administrative tasks so that you can focus on growing your business, developing relationships with your clients, and being out in the field.

Missed calls become structured leads.

Every missed call is forwarded to one of our AI agents. They will qualify the lead for you and add it to your CRM with a summary of the job request. Continue using your existing number - and you can always pick up the phone to take calls like you do today!

Convert requests into quotes in seconds.

Our quoting engine can take short job descriptions and convert them into detailed quotes in seconds. It breaks the job out into line items for you and fills out your pricing info and descriptions without you having to lift a finger. From there you can always edit the quote to your liking before sending it off to your clients.

Image of Brazosa.ai dashboard - showing a customer leads list.

We will find you work.

Using your job history, our AI will identify opportunities with your existing clients. With your approval, the tool can even reach out on your behalf to book new jobs for you.

Integrated Payments.

When a job is completed, we can request payment from your client automatically. If they don't pay, we will send repeated follow ups for you. When your clients are ready, we make the process easier than ever before with low fees, no daily limits, and digital payment processing.

Image of Brazosa.ai dashboard - showing how to send and receive payments.

The all-in-one platform to manage your business.

We understand how much you don't want to use technology. That's why we've automated as much as possible. Don't waste your time babysitting your tools, let them get to work for you. We will only ask for your attention when we have new work for you.

All your leads in one spot.

Anytime someone calls or fills out your intake form, we capture and summarize the request in one table so  you can easily identify the best opportunities.

Image of Brazosa.ai dashboard.

Stay on top of every job.

Find details on every job quickly. From there, you can take notes, schedule the work, send quotes, and so much more.

Image of Brazosa.ai dashboard - showing CRM data.

Clients magically linked to jobs.

You've never seen a CRM so nicely linked in to a project management tool. Just the right amount of information without leaving the app.

"I can generate a quote in minutes instead of hours"

- R. Patrick Carroll III

Austin, Texas

Patrick got 28 extra jobs in his first month!

"These guys really understand the pain points of running your own business. They listen to all of my requests and build out new solutions faster than I've ever seen anyone else do. Using their platform has made it so easy to send out estimates and get paid. I didn't realize that AI could be so helpful to my type of business."

An image of Patrick with his dog.

Make business decisions with your custom assistant.

Icon image of a phone.

Call Drillbit from your phone.

Whether you're on a roof or in your truck, you can call your new assistant without opening an app.

Icon image of a lightbulb.

Leverage advanced insights.

Your assistant has access to the entire Drillbit platform and can answer any question you have.

Icon image of hands clapping together.

Employees that work 24/7/365.

Imagine if your back office staff never slept, knew everything there was to know about your business, and could send your emails and texts.

An image of Alex and Liam - the Founders of Brazos.ai

Meet The Founders

Alex and Liam first worked together developing robots for industrial construction projects. Alex left the tech world for a few years to renovate airstreams and build a house for his family. During that time, Alex realized how much of a need there was for better software in the home services world. At that point, Alex called Liam and together they started building Drillbit with the goal of bringing this powerful new technology to the people maintaining America's housing.

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